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CERTIF-ICE is unique in the fact that it brings through it Associates an integrated team approach to natural icing campaigns (ferrying, campaign management, logistics, test pilots, meteorologists, instrumentation specialists, maintenance specialists). Its Associates have worked together on several campaigns and operate in a synchronous way, avoiding the many pitfalls of uncoordinated natural icing campaigns. Their expertise is complementary and has resulted in the shortest and most complete natural icing campaigns for clients.

CERTIF-ICE's unique knowledge of CFD simulation is also used for placing measurement instruments and its Reduced Order Modeling proprietary technology rapidly identifies the critical points, as well as resulting in a “complete” exploration of APP C, D, O, rather than the limited number of points that are found in nature during the Natural Icing campaigns. 

No other company today can bring together, as CERTIF-ICE does, all what is needed for obtaining a Type Certificate.


CERTIF-ICE has continuously partnered with Dow International in its Natural Icing Testing Campaigns.

John Dow, well-known in-flight icing certification consultant and DER, has had a close collaboration with CERTIF-ICE for a number of years, on aviation projects and also as a key instructor in CERTIF-ICE’s CFD for in-flight certification course, 15 years running.

John adds to CERTIF-ICE’s expertise his very unique skills and experience in aviation, international aircraft certification and icing, with almost four decades of relevant experience in air transport and general aviation. He was certification project officer for the FAA and has worked with international aviation authorities, international aircraft manufacturers and aircraft operators.

His experience provides an extraordinary blend of theoretical and applied knowledge in icing CFD, wet and dry tunnel testing, and flight testing in natural and simulated conditions. He has managed successful projects obtaining FAA certification.

He has a BS degree in engineering from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute and holds a multi-engine commercial pilot license with instruments rating. John was a DER in reliability when he joined the FAA.  He was an international project officer working with over 16 countries in certification and continued airworthiness.  He was a member of the Ice Protection Harmonization Working Group and taught accident investigation at the Transportation Safety Institute. He was a driving force in promoting research and resolution of critical icing issues such as tailplane stall, roll upset, and re-characterization of the icing envelope.

He became a DER in icing after retirement from the FAA. John has also worked with manufacturers and the national authority acquiring a Bilateral Airworthiness Agreement with the United States.


John Dow is also a professional photographer with unique abilities on selecting instrumentation and properly placing measurement equipment on aircraft during certification campaigns.


Dow International


Elizabeth Austin and JAMES Purpura assist CERTIF-ICE in providing research and consulting services in: weather forecasting, climatological studies, mesoscale atmospheric modeling, stratospheric weather and modeling, airflow modeling.

Providing customers with Meteorological courses and specialized studies

WeatherExtreme Ltd


CERTIF-ICE has partnered with Droplet Measurement Technologies in instrumenting aircraft and helicopters with the Cloud Combination Probe for Natural icing campaigns.

The CCP is an ideal choice for those as an all-purpose, simple-to-use cloud probe. Five instruments are packaged into a single canister and integrated measurement system. The CCP provides the following data:

  • Aerosol particle and cloud hydrometeor size distributions from 2 to 50 μm

  • Two dimensional images and precipitation size distributions from 25 μm to 1550 μm (or 2 μm to 930 μm if the CIP component is ordered with 15-μm resolution)

  • Liquid water content from 0.05 to 3 g/m3

  • Aircraft velocity and altitude

Atmospheric temperature, pressure, and relative humidity


Because of its work with DMT, CERTIF-ICE (John Dow) possesses expertise in ideally placing the CCP for best results, at installing its software, at training crews to use it and at designing all interfaces between aircraft consoles and CCP.

Instrumenting aircraft and helicopters with the Cloud Combination Probe for Natural icing campaigns

Droplet Measurement Technologies


ANSYS (NASDAQ: ANSS; http://www.ansys.com) is the world leader in engineering computational simulation (multiphysics: fluid dynamics, structural analysis, electromagnetics, etc.). In February 2015, ANSYS acquired Newmerical Technologies International (NTI), of which CERTIF-ICE is the successor. FENSAP-ICE, developed by NTI, remains the ONLY 3D “SYSTEM” for the computational simulation of in-flight icing on aircraft, helicopters and jet engines under Appendices C, D and O.

The FENSAP-ICE system is in use in 22 countries and is under continuous development by ANSYS. CERTIF-ICE, as its creator, is uniquely qualified in deploying it in a judicious way throughout the in-flight icing certification cycle, combining CFD, EFD and FFD in a way no other company could. 

World leader in engineering computational simulation



CERTIF-ICE has partnered with XP Services in its Natural Icing Testing Campaigns: ferrying and testing.

  • In-Flight Icing Certification Capabilities

  • Ferrying of Aircraft of any type to/from test site

  • Type Certificate / Supplemental Type Certificate / Product Development

  • Civil (FAA) - FAA DERs and DAR on Staff for Natural Icing Campaigns

  • FAA STC/TC Experience

  • Substantiation Reports / Flight Test Documentation / Certification Plans

  • Aircraft Modification and Maintenance – Certified A&P / IA Mechanics

Flight Test and Support

XP Services

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CERTIF-ICE has partnered with FlightCast in its Natural Icing Testing Campaigns.

Ian Wittmeyer of Flightcast has come to be known as one of the most respected and sought after meteorologists in the world today for guiding the natural icing campaigns of aircraft seeking type certification for in-flight icing.

Ian has a B.S. in Atmospheric Science from the University of California, Davis and an M.S. in Atmospheric Science from Colorado State University.

Under Ian’s leadership, FlightCast provides real-time guidance, forecasting and analysis services for icing, crosswind, snowfall, cold soak aircraft certification programs.


His experience includes support for a wide range of fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters in a diverse set of environments. 




CERTIF-ICE has partnered with Universal Weather & Aviation in planning ferrying routes to the test sites: example China to Canada.

Universal Weather provides:

  • Flight Planning

  • Accurate fuel burns and ETEs. Routings that consider restrictions, aircraft specs, and weather. Fight plans built and analyzed by real experts. En route logistics: refueling, deicing, hotels, food, local transportation.

  • Aviation Weather

  • Meteorology is a science. Forecasting is an art. We embrace both. With us, you have an experienced team of aviation meteorologists helping you to predict and adapt to weather conditions impacting your missions.

  • Permits and Permissions

  • Worldwide regulations and permit requirements are constantly changing. We stay on top of it all so you don’t have to.

  • Security Planning


What’s the threat level at my destination? What’s the safest route to my hotel? Should I post a guard next to my aircraft? All good questions. We can answer them.

Universal weather & aviation planning

Universal Weather and Aviation