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中航工业哈飞运12F飞机 / AVIC HAFEI Y-12F aircraft

AVIC-HAFEI Y-12F aircraft successfully completes its natural icing flight tests in Canada


AVIC-HAFEI engineers with CERTIF-ICE and Associates celebrating the completion of the natural icing test matrix

According to the China Civil Aviation Network news, the reporter learned from CAAC on March 9, 2017 that the flight test data of AVIC-HAFEI’s Y-12F aircraft obtained during the natural icing airworthiness test in Canada has been approved by the authority. The data has been recognized as qualified and valid. This marks the success of the Y-12F aircraft natural icing campaign.


      On January 26, 2017, HAFEI’s Y-12F aircraft B-002 set out for Montreal, Canada to carry out natural icing airworthiness tests. From February 9 to February 22, that is to say in only 13 days, the Y-12F conducted in total five natural icing flights, and completed all airworthiness authorities’ required test matrix. After that, the flight test team carried out in-depth post-processing and analysis of the flight test data, confirmed that the atmospheric conditions at the time of flight test met the requirements of Appendix A of CCAR 25 by CAAC. The flight data being valid and effective, and with all tasks of the natural icing airworthiness campaign successfully completed, on March 5 the flight test team ground staff left Montreal for home.


   The Y-12F aircraft is a new generation of twin-turboprop general regional aircraft. To meet the demands of both domestic and foreign markets, HAFEI brings together 30 years of experience in the design of general aviation aircraft. Mature and new aviation technologies have been adopted to comply with the latest airworthiness standards of both China and the USA. Y-12F aircraft can be widely used in passenger and cargo transport, marine monitoring, air-drop and parachuting, aerial photography, geological exploration, medical rescue, clouds seeding and many other purposes.


  Compared with competing models, the Y-12F’s advantages are not only in the larger cabin capacity, greater payload, faster speed, farther range, higher single engine performance, high altitude adaptability, but also in terms of aircraft ton*km/hour operating cost index, for which the Y-12F is ranks first by a factor of 1.3 to 2 times over its closest competitors.

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