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CERTIF-ICE's Services are "Unique" and "Complete"

It is a One-Stop-Shop for Icing Certification

For Natural Icing Campaigns, we pick up your airplane and return it to you certified:

  • Ferry Pilots to Pickup Aircraft from its Base to the Test Site

  • Ferrying Logistical Support Across Countries

  • Multi-Country Special Flight Authorizations

  • Test Base Airport and Logistical Support

  • Local Accommodation and Transportation

  • DER Campaign Manager

  • DER Test Pilots

  • Meteorologist Experienced in Icing Certification

  • Flight Instrumentation Technical Support

  • Reduced Order Modeling Technology for a Complete Coverage of the Appendices**

  • Interaction with Certification Authorities

  • Ferry Pilots to Return Aircraft to its Base."Certified"

* CFD:Computational Fluid Dynamics; EFD: Experimental Fluid Dynamics; FFD: Flight Fluid Dynamics: please visit our Consulting section to see how CERTIF-ICE weaves CFD in most aspects of Certification

**A Revolutionary Proprietary Technology for a complete mapping of APP C, D and O: please visit our Consulting section to see how CERTIF-ICE applies ROM in many aspects of Certification

We support you in designing the IPS with the most advanced computational tools

We support you in filing a Compliance Plan that best combines CFD, EFD and FFD*

We support you in Icing Tunnel Testing

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